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Spirituality, Tradition, Family, and the Kingship of Christ

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SOCA Summit

Monthly access to practical and relevant formation from 25+ elite Catholic leaders such as Bishop Strickland, Bishop Schneider, Bishop Cordileone, the Catholic Gentleman, and the founder of Sensus Fidelium.


 Group Bootcamp

Kickstart your spiritual journey, for group or personal use,  with this three month bootcamp to receive essential formation and accountability/habit tracking in spirituality, tradition, masculinity/femininity, and evangelization.


Crash Courses on Mental Prayer and a Plan of Life

Take advantage of our video lessons as well as document downloads: 5-Step Mental Prayer, Plan of Life Template (3+ pages), and more. 


You might be wondering

How do I pray like the Saints?

What is my vocation?

Where can I receive authentically Catholic formation instead of modern fluff?

How do I integrate my faith into family life and keep my kids in the True Faith?

How can I overcome sin and addiction?


Endorsed by:


Bishop Strickland

Bishop Schneider

Archbishop Aquila

Archbishop Gullickson


Bishop Vasa

Fr. Dan Nolan (FSSP)

Fr. Nick Larkin

Fr. Mason Fraley



“The work of SOCA is essential for
... changing our world.”

+Bishop Joseph E. Strickland Bishop of Tyler

I want to become a saint!

The 'One Thing Necessary'

The saints say the key to holiness is living an interior life of prayer - not just saying memorized prayers but a divine friendship with God through the practice of mental prayer.

St. Teresa of Avila says "He who neglects mental prayer needs no devil to carry him to hell. He brings himself there with his own hands. The devil knows that he has lost the soul that perseveringly practices mental prayer."


Synthesizing the Wisdom of the Saints

Most people don't have time to read every book by every Saint, so we've synthesized over 20,000+ hours of formation into a bit-sized pieces that teach you the essential wisdom from the saints.


With your membership, receive free access to:


Plan of Life Template

Turn your "retreat highs" into actionable resolutions and daily habits with our template.


200+ Page In-Depth Examination of Conscience

Our examination of conscience is one of the most comprehensive and detailed guides to overcome sin through the power of mental prayer.


SOCA Rule App

Build your spiritual discipline through a long-term rule of life accountability app.


MP3 Versions of Talks

Take all of the SOCA Summit wherever you go by downloading the MP3 versions of the talks.


Free Ebooks of spiritual classics:


"Mental prayer is morally necessary for salvation.

All saints were made such by mental prayer."


- Saint Alphonsus Ligouri

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Why SOCA Is Unique

Here at SOCA, we're raising the bar for Catholic formation


"How are we going to live in these troubled times?



There's really only one answer:



We have to become saints."



- Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

I want to learn the interior life!

SOCA Virtual Summit

Five bishops and 25+ other Catholic leaders - priests, religious, and laypeople - have come together for a series of dynamic, informative, and inspirational talks - available on-demand!

Learn about zeal for souls, mental prayer, practical steps to leadership, liturgical contemplation, authentic family life, and countless other topics from the best of the best!


Monthly Formation Challenges

Holiness isn't just taking a class, praying for a few weeks, and thinking you've graduated. Intimacy with Our Lord in prayer is an ongoing process, so we provide new content every month to help you persevere in this journey.

Achieve real results through mini-courses on your plan of life and habit tracking.

Become a spiritual leader and better formed with additional courses on topics of your choosing

Stay connected with the Liturgical Year through information on the seasons and liturgical meditations from the Saints.

Fuel your inspiration through new talks that are guaranteed to jump-start your zeal every month. 


Group Bootcamp

Where can you find a summary to the essentials of spirituality, tradition, family, and the apostolate?

A summary based on the wisdom of the saints?

A summary that can be used individually or for groups?

That is what our three-month bootcamp is intended to provide. This serves as a great introduction and reminder for the practicals, particularly importance of mental prayer and establishing a plan of life, all in the context of our fight in the modern times.


"It does not require much time to become a saint; 

it requires only much love."

- Venerable Fulton J. Sheen


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